How to Decorate a Unique Wedding Venue

“Meet me at the Chapel” has turned into “meet me at the barn, the park, or the warehouse.” Brides are likely to opt out of a traditional church wedding and hold their ceremony in a boutique venue or urban garden these days. For brides that want to inject a little bit of their personality into their wedding day, it makes sense; these “raw” spaces allow the bride to decorate however they please! And for brides who just want something a little edgy or different, art galleries and other urban spaces can be the perfect venue.

But what if the venue you’ve chosen is a little too…blank? Modern venues can sometimes make for boxy or sterile spaces. It takes a little creativity to turn the space into the twinkly-lit, flower-dripping, absolutely stunning scene you always dreamed of.

Modern brides, desiring a break from traditional church settings, now find allure in boutique venues and urban gardens that provide a canvas for personalization. Yet, transforming these contemporary spaces into the dreamy, enchanted scenes envisioned can pose a creative challenge. This is where Untamed Creatures can play a captivating role in your wedding decor. Whether it’s through untamed creature-inspired centerpieces, subtly woven into table settings, or boldly displayed as statement pieces, these elements add a touch of the wild and extraordinary to spaces that may initially seem too blank or sterile.

If youʼre having a hard time deciding how to make the space your own, don’t worry! We have a few tips.

When It Comes to Putting Your Mark on a Space, Think about What Makes You Unique

The greatest thing about designing a space like this is that it will be one-of-a-kind. You can create something that no one else can duplicate, something that will wow your guests and make your wedding an event to remember.

One way to approach a project like this is to think about who the two of you are as a couple. What makes your love story unique? What do you two have in common? Are you more glam it up or laid back casual?

Figuring out what type of bride you are can be a great first step. Plus, adding personal touches will make your ceremony less cookie-cutter and more authentic and memorable.

7 Ways to Dress Up a Blank Space

1) Use Lighting to Your Advantage 

When in doubt, light it up. Some brides prefer lanterns or string lights. Others want chandeliers or groupings of candles. Whichever you prefer, choose some lighting that will create the atmosphere you want. The right choice of lighting can turn a rather sterile space intimate and warm.

2) Bring Nature In

Even if youʼre not an outdoorsy person, bringing a little greenery into your wedding venue can help to both soften the space and make it feel fresh. You can choose to use vines or flowers to decorate your altar or head table. You can also use flower arrangements or greenery as table centerpieces. Even single blooms in bud vases can add a little sweetness to each table.

3) Soften or Divide the Space with Fabric

Versatile drapery allows you to create a dream world within the room. Choose white for a classic look, find some funky patterned fabric that goes with your wedding colors, or go with macrame for a Boho wedding! You don’t have to drench the room in heavy pink damask. Sometimes, just adding some drapery to your alter, the ceiling or guest chairs can give the space an entirely different feel.

4) Set a Gorgeous Table 

White linens are standard, but thereʼs no rule that says you have to use them. Consider tablecloths, runners or napkins in bold colors instead! You can even extend the color theme to your glassware. When it comes to centerpieces, you donʼt have to stick with flowers and candles: incorporating your personality into each centerpiece is way more fun. Consider adding books, sports memorabilia, vintage cameras or other themed elements. Surprise and delight your guests with little touches that are out of the ordinary and 100% you.

5) Consider a Themed Wedding 

Some of the most memorable weddings have a theme: a sports theme for hardcore fans, a Renaissance Festival for unabashed fantasy nerds or a library theme for bookworms. Do you and your fiancé share a hobby or a particular obsession? Is bicycling together your thing? Are you both amateur photographers? Bringing the things you love best into your ceremony can be a wonderful way to wow your guests and celebrate everything the two of you have in common. Whether you choose a Mexican Day of the Dead motif or a nautical celebration, you can easily find decorations that will make your wedding one of a kind.

6) Create Vignettes

Another way to have fun with decor is to borrow from the world of interior design and create vignettes around the space. Vignettes, or grouped decor displays, can make your raw space a little more classy and bespoke. Consider, for example, setting your guestbook table with a collection of antique picture frames. You could also make each table setting a vignette by adding vases of different sizes and colors. For a themed wedding, vignettes that include your chosen object are a wonderful way to fill out your venue and add a little fun to your celebration.

7) Add a Unique Backdrop to Your Venue 

Your backdrop can be as subtle or as stunning as you choose. A large custom backdrop that features you and your beloved’s initials is one way to go; another way is to create a big panel of greenery or fabric. Some brides create flower-filled arches or strings of ribbon and paper cranes. The possibilities truly are endless, so use your imagination!

At St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Let the Walls do the Talking

Are you and your sweetheart art lovers? Are you on the hunt for a wedding venue thatʼs a little different than the typical ballroom? Would you love the chance to rent an ultra-chic art gallery for your big event? If so, then we’ve got the perfect space for you.

St. Louis Artists’ Guild, located in downtown Clayton, offers you the best of both worlds: a sophisticated urban space with a revolving collection of original art, plus a venue that has enough white space for you to decorate however you please! If you choose, you can lean into the art theme with painting activities for your guests, or you can simply use the displayed art to inspire your wedding color palette. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll get to have your wedding in a space that is automatically classy and modern. Plus, with stimulating artwork lining the walls, your guests will have built-in conversation pieces! We think it’s the perfect venue for couples who take pride in their sense of cutting-edge cool.

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