Intimate Weddings and Other 2021 Trends for Brides

As we celebrated New Year’s Day last January, no one could have predicted what a strange year 2020 would turn out to be. Weʼve all had to adjust our expectations and reevaluate get-togethers and travel plans. The good news is that 2021 brides donʼt have to scrap everything they initially dreamed of.

At Catering St. Louis Events, we can provide the same luxury and style of a larger wedding on a smaller scale. We can even bring it outdoors! In fact, so-called micro weddings and outdoor events with a more sophisticated style are becoming 2021 trends! We love their intimate, exclusive feel. We think you will, too.

The Micro Wedding Trend

What we love most about the intimate wedding trend is the cozy, personal feeling you create for your big day. It doesnʼt mean you can’t have an Instagram-worthy backdrop and the specially-catered menu of your dreams. It just means that you selectively curate your event so that itʼs a more private experience. A micro wedding isnʼt the same as an elopement, which can feel rushed or secretive. Rather, itʼs an exclusive, beautifully planned event that you share with the people who mean the most to you.

Here are just a few advantages of going the micro wedding route:

We can offer you just what you need, and nothing you donʼt, at one of our St. Louis-area venues.

The Outdoor Wedding Trend

Another way to beat the coronavirus and host an event your guests will love is to take it outside. There are plenty of reasons to love outdoor weddings, and more ways to style outdoor weddings than you may think!

Picture your perfect backdrop: is it a glistening lake? A field of wildflowers? Or maybe a rustic barn or a stately stone mansion! Do you imagine a candlelit path or a boho awning? What about an airy tent or tree limbs wrapped in twinkling lights? The possibilities are endless.

We love outdoor weddings because they can feel natural and unfussy or dressed-up and magical, depending on the brideʼs style. Plus, they allow for enough space to make all of your guests feel comfortable.

With open-air tents available and table settings that can be just as luxurious as a traditional wedding, our designers can make your big day truly unique. Just look at some of the outdoor venues, like the charming Three Barn Farm or the sophisticated Spink Pavilion at Missouri Botanical Garden, we can offer!

More 2021 Intimate and Outdoor Wedding Trends

  • Decorating with greenery and “going green” with inclusive menus and sustainable practices.
  • A perfectly “you” wedding alter that can double as a photo backdrop after the ceremony.
  • Utilizing your surroundings as part of your decor: for instance, draping fabric in your bridal colors along railings or fences or filling a fountain with floating candles or lanterns.
  • An after-dark ceremony for night owls, complete with fireworks or a bonfire reception.
  • Self-serve refreshment stands that allow your guests to mix their favorite cocktails, while staying no-contact for safety during the pandemic.

Let Catering St. Louis Events Help You Plan Your Ideal Wedding

We know youʼve pictured this moment: youʼre staring into the eyes of your best friend and greatest love. Your senses are focused on the fluttery feeling in your heart, the vows youʼre speaking and the feeling of warmth from smiling loved ones.

When news of the pandemic hit, you may have never thought youʼd be able to create a moment so…perfect.

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

Weʼre happy to design a wedding package that will accommodate your style and safety concerns. Give us a call to plan the micro or outdoor wedding of your dreams.