mark owner of catering st louis

Meet Mark Erker

Mark Erker is a native St. Louisan, and is owner and CEO of Catering St. Louis Events. Catering St. Louis was founded in 1980 and has grown to over a $7 million company specializing in being a food service management provider for some of St. Louis’ most iconic institutions. Mr. Erker is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. His passion for the hospitality industry has made him a leader in St. Louis in creating innovative and beautiful venues for the St. Louis community to host their celebrations.

Today, Catering St. Louis Events is the food management provider for several of the best venues in the city, including: 

  • Missouri Botanical Garden
  • The Visitor Center in Forest Park
  • Oliva on the Hill
  • City Cottage on Chouteau
  • Three Barn Farm in Clarksville MO
  • La Verona at the Marketplace on the Hill
  • Properties at St. Alban’s
  • The St. Louis Artists’ Guild
  • The Whittemore House at Washington University 

Our Vision

To be recognized by our staff, clients, guests and competitors as the most professional and best managed hospitality contract management and events planning company in St. Louis. 

Our Mission

To create magic for all of life’s celebrations!

Our Core Values


We believe that a positive attitude greatly impacts our environment by creating positive results. All employees have a choice each day regarding the attitude they embrace.

We insist employees bring a positive attitude to their work and maintain this attitude even during stressful situations.


We believe employees who are accountable will make consistent contributions toward the success of Catering St. Louis.

We insist that managers and staff assume total responsibility for the duties contained within their respective job descriptions.


We believe employees want to work in a respectful environment where every effort is made to listen and be sensitive to others’ opinions and feelings.

We insist upon respectful relationships among coworkers, guests, suppliers and all others affected by our words and actions.


We believe employees want to work together to achieve positive results that benefit everyone.

We insist upon cooperative relationships between individuals, teams, departments, venues, guests, and suppliers.

man and woman servers smiling


We believe employees want to work in an open, honest, and trusting environment.

We insist upon cooperative relationships between individuals, teams, departments, venues, guests, and suppliers.


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