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Catering St. Louis Events makes planning a weekday corporate event both easy and memorable for your entire team. Our corporate event planning expertise was recently showcased during a Cinco de Mayo employee appreciation event for Danna McKitrick, PC. 

For this particular event, our team curated a delightful Mexican-themed menu to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The offerings included classic favorites like tacos, enchiladas, fresh guacamole, churros and tres leches cake, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our team had a great time carefully crafting each dish for this celebration.

This employee appreciation event started with our Cinco de Mayo fiesta and ended with the team going to Game Show Battle Rooms, which helped inspire the names of each dish. We creatively integrated game show phrases and other elements into the dining experience, which added an element of fun to lunch and helped build excitement for the second half of the event.

Booking a weekday corporate event with Catering St. Louis Events guarantees a well-rounded experience for you and your team, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, high-quality food and unique activities that leave a lasting impression on you and your team. Whether it’s a themed event like this Cinco de Mayo celebration, or any other occasion, we ensure your event is executed flawlessly from start to finish. Trust our team to turn your corporate event into a memorable occasion for you and your team.

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