Unique Fundraising Events For Your Team

Fundraising events can sometimes feel a little…repetitive. Everyone’s been to a silent auction or charity golf tournament—you care about the organizations your business supports so much but want to find better, more exciting ways to fundraise for them. Fundraising events can be whatever you want them to be! Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that will work or get your team excited. Come up with ideas you and your team will enjoy, and let the rest fall into place. If you’re looking for a few ideas to get started, keep reading to find a list of unique fundraising events.

Happy Hour at Oliva on the Hill

Host your Happy Hour Fundraiser during Wine Down Wednesday at Oliva on the Hill. Enjoy food and drinks with your team in a beautiful, relaxed environment. Have your team purchase vouchers that cover the cost of the item they order, plus a donation to the organization for which you’re hosting the fundraiser.
For example, a drink voucher costs $12 so half of the proceeds pay for your drink, and half donated to your organization.
It gives you and your team time to unwind and spend time with one another outside of work and is an easy way to raise money for the organization of your choosing.

Game Night

When was the last time you and your team had a night where you could just have fun? Hosting a game night (and for charity) could be just the ticket! The Whittemore House at Washington University offers plenty of indoor and outdoor space where your team can bring their families, spread out and bring games of their choice to play as a team. Bring Twister to play outside, Monopoly, Sorry! and old, nostalgic video games to play inside. They’ll have so much fun they might forget it’s a work event!

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

Your fundraising event is just that: your fundraising event. It can be anything you and your team come up with that everyone will enjoy. Make it fun, make it yours and make sure to contact Catering St. Louis for all of your fundraising event needs!