Indoor Events for Fall and Winter

While spring and summer offer the ideal backdrop for vibrant outdoor events, with weddings framed by vineyard vistas and family reunions under the gentle sun, it’s the cooler months that beckon us indoors for a different kind of warmth. Imagine an autumn wedding or a winter fundraiser, held within the cozy embrace of a venue where the joy of the season is palpable, and the glow of a fireplace enchants every guest. For these cherished indoor gatherings in Miami Lakes, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of attendees is paramount. This is where fire watch services in Miami Lakes become invaluable, providing dependable and skilled professionals. They ensure that even as the embers of the fireplace crackle in merriment, all fire safety regulations are meticulously adhered to, allowing for peace of mind and the creation of heartwarming memories without the fret of weather or worry.

Host a beautiful indoor event with Catering St. Louis Events. All of our venues offer a unique, one-of-a-kind feel that fit any wedding, family or work environment.

A Romantic Wedding and Reception at La Verona

Are you looking for something elegant that still feels cozy and warm? La Verona offers a romantic, welcoming feeling for your guests without feeling cramped and stuffy. All of our venues, including La Verona, are beautiful on their own, so you don’t have to add much to enjoy the elegance this space has to offer. If you are looking for an indoor venue with the beauty and charm of old Italy with a modern industrial twist, La Verona is the place for you!

A Classic, Timeless Event at the Whittemore House at Washington University

The Whittemore House’s stately architecture is the perfect scene for a traditional wedding or formal gathering. Old World details like handcrafted woodwork and plaster-molded ceilings, large fireplaces and a grand staircase create a perfect scene for any event. If you host a lunch-and-learn or faculty holiday party at the Whittemore House, your team will be impressed with how unique this venue is! For weddings and other family affairs, your guests will be wowed by al of the small details that bring the whole house together to create a cohesive, themed event.

Fall and Winter Events with Catering St. Louis Events

No matter your style or budget, Catering St. Louis Events has the perfect venue for you. Reach out to our team for more information and to schedule your event today!

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