Unique Baby Showers with Catering St. Louis Events

Every soon-to-be mom wants her baby shower to be special, and a time to remember with all of their closest friends and family. Choosing a location and a theme to match can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating–especially with so many websites offering hundreds of potential themes for you to run with. How do you narrow it down, as well as find the perfect location? That’s where Catering St. Louis Events comes in. Continue reading to see how we matched themes with a few of our great venues!

Safari Baby Shower at the Jewel Box

The exotic, tropical trees and flowers at the Jewel Box practically scream Safari Baby Shower! From the moment you see the building, you can tell it’s something special. But when you walk in? You feel like you’re in another world, far, far away from St. Louis, Missouri! With plenty of space to move around in, Jewel Box is a great space to have either a small, intimate shower, or even invite a lot of guests! Because of all of the natural decorations inside the venue, those planning it don’t even need to plan for much decorating—maybe a few animal-themed pieces, and they’re done. All of your guests will, without a doubt, know the theme the second they walk in the door!

Mom-to-Bee at Spink Pavilion

Mom-to-Bee-themed shower for the mom-to-be? We’re in! The Spink Pavilion at the Missouri Botanical Gardens offers a great outdoor patio surrounded by an expanse of beautiful trees and flowers. The reflecting pools are filled with colorful lilies and bordered by tulips, pansies and unique summer annuals, which gives your shower a unique feel all of your guests will appreciate. And is there a better place for a bee-themed party than in and around all of these beautiful flowers? We didn’t think so either.

Sweet Dreams from Oliva on the Hill

Can you picture your Sweet Dreams baby shower outside under Oliva on the Hill’s twinkling lights? We agree! This dreamy location only needs a handful of sparkly, shimmering decorations for your theme to be set! There is plenty of room for your guests to mingle, while still feeling warm and inviting as a baby shower should! Oliva on the Hill is charming and will wow each of your guests, and also has the benefit of being a fairly casual, relaxed venue for the more laid-back mom-to-be.

Farmers’ Market Shower at Three Barn Farm

How cute is a Farmers’ Market Baby Shower? And at a farm nonetheless? The openness of being in a barn, along with being surrounded by a farm amongst the rolling hills on the Missouri River completely immerses your guests in your theme! Decorate with, and serve, plenty of vegetables while you’re there—bonus points for “baby” vegetables: baby carrots, baby corn, baby bok choy, baby broccoli—the list goes on and on! Enjoy being outside in nature, surrounded by family and friends supporting you and your new baby!

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

Make sure your soon-to-be-mom friend has a good time and is able to relax while at the shower, and everything else will fall into place! Reach out to Catering St. Louis for all of your baby shower needs!