Returning to Our “Old Normal”

After a long year of working from home and primarily seeing our favorite coworkers through a screen, it is finally time to actually see them again!

Company Culture Amidst the Pandemic

Company cultures can be hard to maintain when everyone is working from the office—ensuring everyone gets along, maintains company processes and works to move your business forward—but this past year has posed an even bigger challenge on top of all of that for business owners.

With everyone spread out and not gathered in one cohesive space, we have all had to be more intentional in our relationships with one another. Touching base with team members has turned into an agenda item rather than the casual luxury it used to be crossing paths in the office.

Hiring new employees when working from home also created a unique dynamic for both the new and existing employees—employees were able form entire relationships without ever having met each other in person!

Many business owners have worried their cultures would suffer during the pandemic; if anything, many of them have become even stronger!

Company Gatherings Post-COVID

Now that restrictions are being lifted and we can begin gathering with our fellow coworkers again, what do you do? Where do you go? Do you want to begin attending live seminars and lunch & learns instead of tuning in for glitchy webinars? Or, do you want to have a casual get-together after hours to unwind, reminisce on the past year and celebrate where we are now?

Gathering as an entire company feels like a foreign concept for a lot of us, and is going to take some getting used to. If you are unsure about bringing the entire company together right away, start with individual departments, or look for a space with multiple gathering areas with ample room to spread out.

Your first large, in-person meetings in approximately a year will have a huge impact on your team’s morale, and, hopefully, generate positive feelings about your company and nurture positive relationships within it–let Catering St. Louis be a part of it!

Catering St. Louis for Corporate Events of Any Size

No matter your company’s current needs, Catering St. Louis has spaces large enough to accommodate up to a 450 person reception! So whether you want to schedule a seminar at Old Barn Inn at St. Albans, a lunchtime event where you can gather in smaller groups around La Verona, or have a fun, relaxed event after hours at Oliva or The Visitor Center, Catering St. Louis has the perfect accommodations for you and your team.

As we all return to our “old normal,” Catering St. Louis wants to help you bring your team together! We understand the importance of being together as a cohesive unit and hope to help you boost morale and company pride through your next events.

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

We offer venues for small to large gatherings and can accommodate almost any company size. Let us help you plan your next team-building event—we look forward to seeing you soon!