We Can’t Wait to Be Together Again: Planning Future Social Events with Catering St. Louis Events

Sometimes Zoom calls just aren’t enough. 

While it helps to chat with our friends online, a screen of faces isn’t the same as a hug. A phone call can’t replace coming face to face with your best friend. A text isn’t at all like holding hands. 

If you’re feeling the stress of these days, you’re not alone. Weekdays and weekends may blend together. You may feel unfocused, irritable or fatigued. But the good news is these days will pass. When they do, we look forward to helping you and your family celebrate. 

We Need Each Other! 

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our mental health, obliterating our normal routines and causing us to isolate ourselves for the greater good. But our hearts and souls need social interaction, just like our bodies need food, water and sunshine. Psychiatrist and disaster mental health expert Joshua Morganstein argues that “for some people, a lack of social connectedness feels as impactful as not eating.” We simply need that friendly face or warm hug from a friend to thrive. 

We also need celebrations. Events like birthday parties, graduations and anniversaries give meaning to our lives and reinforce a sense of identity, community and tradition. At Catering St. Louis Events, we specialize in the special social events that bring loved ones together. 

When It’s Time to Celebrate, Count on Catering St. Louis Events to Provide the Perfect Setting

We know you’re waiting for this moment. You’re thinking about all the different ways you can bring joy to the people you love and celebrate the next big event. At Catering St. Louis Events, this is what we live for. We have experience with several types of social events, including: 

  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions and class reunions
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Quinceañeras 
  • Personal milestones, like retirement parties or anniversary parties
  • Bridal showers, baby showers and gender reveal parties
  • Holiday events 
  • Ministry functions

Each type of celebration deserves its own special place, along with the perfect food, music and company. Here are just a few of our spaces: 

Three Barn Farm

Three Barn Farm

For large gatherings in a beautiful location, you really can't beat Three Barn Farm. Located just an hour north of the Chesterfield Valley in Pike County, this area gives you rolling hills and a crystal blue country sky, plus rustic venues like a New England-style farmhouse and a large 1914 dairy barn. It's a remarkable setting for parties or reunions. Whatever you are celebrating, Three Barn Farm will leave you and your loved ones a lifetime of treasured memories.

Oliva on the Hill

Oliva on the Hill

One of our favorite locations for cozy, intimate gatherings is Oliva on the Hill. This is a dream venue for an anniversary, a birthday or a holiday party. Built in 1910 as a tavern, restaurant, and boarding house, this renovated space is now a Tuscan-inspired social event venue, perfect for entertaining. It features terrazzo floors, high-beamed ceilings and Old World charm. Outside, you’ll find a cedar pergola draped in Japanese wisteria and an herb garden. Imagine the possibilities.

St. Louis Artists' Guild

St. Louis Artists’ Guild

For a gem in the city and a perfect place for art lovers, check out the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, located at the corner of Jackson Ave and Forsyth Blvd in Clayton. In the evening, this art center opens for special events. With high ceilings, painted and polished concrete floors, and an array of artwork lining the walls, it’s a chic place for anything from bridal showers to class reunions.

Spink Pavilion at Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden

Like most St. Louisans, we also love the Missouri Botanical Garden, which offers two different social event venues. Spink Pavilion offers a sophisticated setting for social events, with reflecting pools and gorgeous views of the garden.

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

When our favorite spaces around the city open again, we know we’ll be meeting up with friends and family. How about you? If you’re ready to plan an event that will make all this time in lockdown worth it, let us know. We have spaces, menus and event packages that your family will love.