social events

We Specialize in Social Events Venues that Bring Loved Ones Together

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of sharing time with loved ones. And, when it comes to celebrating the people you love, nothing can be left to chance. The sweet sixteen birthday dresses must fit just right; the 50th anniversary party should be infused with warmth and love; the Bar Mitzvah has to have an equal mix of tradition and fun. 

Catering St. Louis Events offers venues to enhance each and every occasion, from intimate celebrations to talk-of-the-town galas. We provide:

  • Chef-curated menus and delicious, locally-grown food
  • A variety of stunning, spacious locations – traditional, casual, modern and more 
  • Vendors that can handle anything from photography to live music
  • Full-service event packages, perfect for your family and friends

St. Louis born and raised, we love our city and support it in any way we can. Because we believe in sustainability, we work with local farmers and vendors. This helps to ensure that every dollar you spend with us goes back into our community. 

With a range of locations across the St. Louis area and over 35 years of experience, we can take your event from fun to unforgettable.

Let Catering St. Louis Events Help You Plan Your Next Gathering

We specialize in boutique venues and full-service events that offer your guests a sense of luxury that’s close to home. From meals that your friends and family will love to a variety of Instagram-worthy spaces, we can help you plan a social event that people will talk about for years. Contact us. We can’t wait to start planning. 

Ready to plan your ideal social event? Send us an email or give one of our planners a call. We're happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect social event venue in St. Louis.