Event Catering Staff


Part-Time, Flexible Positions, available until the end of the year and beyond!

We are coming into the holiday season here at Catering St. Louis Events, and we need help with the following positions: Bartenders (with experience), Food Runners, Servers, Prep Cooks, and Utility (mostly dish washing). Please keep in mind that these duties will often overlap, depending on the needs of the event.

These are flexible, part-time positions—great for students or for those looking to add some extra hours to their current work schedule. This is an ideal job for stay at home parents or remote workers who want to get out of the house and make some extra money in the process!

Catering St. Louis is a family-owned event catering company that has been in business in the St. Louis area for more than 40 years. We host events at some of the most prestigious, well-known, and historic venues throughout St. Louis City and County. The company owns or has the exclusive contract for the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Visitor’s Center, World’s Fair Pavilion, and the Jewel Box in Forest Park, the Whittemore House at Washington University, Old Barn Inn and the Inns at St. Albans, City Cottage on Chouteau, LaVerona at the Marketplace, Oliva Cafe, and more.


  • No previous experience necessary in the industry – we will train you!
  • Bartenders must be at least 21, Servers, Food runners and kitchen staff must be at least 18.
  • RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION IS A MUST! We will not hire you if you rely on public transportation.
  • The ability to work at least two weekends a month (either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday). You can work more than this if you’d like.
  • Access to the internet and email for scheduling purposes.
  • A positive, helpful attitude.


Servers: You aren’t responsible for taking orders or running food. You simply attend to our guests, making sure your tables have water and wine, placing entrees, and removing empty dishes.

Food runners: Run entrees and salads on trays out to servers, run trays of empty plates and glasses back to the kitchen, fill waters and finish table set up before guests arrive, etc.

Bartenders: Previous experience is required due to the added responsibility of dealing with alcohol. You will be responsible for manning the bar for the entirety of the event, and you may be asked to return to the shop after the event to unload the extra alcohol at our headquarters. Bartenders must take a test, which occurs every Wednesday at Oliva on the Hill at 3pm at our weekly Wine Down Wednesday event. After passing the test, you’ll be ready to tend bar at our events!

Prep Cook: No cooking involved! It’s more of a “Sous chef” position, where you’ll be required to plate, arrange and prepare already cooked foods or foods that require no cooking (like salads, etc)

Utility: Primarily dish washing, but also helping clean up around the kitchen as needed. Please keep in mind that “back of house” positions (prep cook, utility) often overlap depending on the event, and there’s no way for us to separate the 2 positions. So if you would prefer to work in the kitchen, please be aware that you will also have to do dishes from time to time.

Pay is $16/hr for all positions except bartenders, who make $18/hr. Tipping at our events is discouraged, so please don’t expect to make tips in addition to your hourly wage. Hours will vary from week to week – based on our event schedule as well as your availability.

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