Is New Year’s Eve Canceled? Not at Catering St. Louis Events!

New Year’s Eve might not feel the same this year, as a worldwide pandemic continues to put a damper on our celebrations. But that doesn’t mean we’re feeling gloomy about New Year’s Eve or the year ahead! In fact, we’re convinced that you can still have a memorable event this season, even if you have to limit your guest list. 

Here are our ideas for an unconventional New Year’s celebration. 

Say “Good Riddance” to 2020 with 5 Ideas for a Unique New Year’s Eve

The past few months have been rough and we deserve a night of celebration—a chance to lay this awful year to rest! Here’s our advice: 

  • Dress Up

If you’re like many of us, you’ve spent several months in sweatpants. There isn’t much of a reason to dress up when you’re working from home or traveling only as far as the grocery store and back. This New Year’s Eve, let’s change that! Pull that glittery dress or snazzy tux out of the closet, slick back your hair or put on some bold makeup. It’s time to get our glam on and welcome happier days.

  • Take Some Pictures

When you look back at photos of loved ones, you remember the good times—not the bad. This year, a few New Year’s props and a camera are all you need to fill your Instagram feed with smiling faces. Or you can commemorate the year you bought face masks to match your outfit. 

  • Laugh About Those Resolutions

Did you have plans for 2020 that didn’t pan out? We did, too. On New Year’s, consider saying goodbye to your disappointments and hello to a brighter future! Write down your wins and misses for the year that’s gone by. As you’re warming your hands around a fire pit, maybe you can toss those 2020 notes in as the clock strikes midnight. What new resolutions will motivate you once the COVID restrictions have passed? 

  • Play A Game

What’s a party without games? This year, there are plenty of opportunities to end the year with laughter instead of tears. How about a 2020-related Scattergories or Family Feud game? If you’re at a loss for ideas, check Etsy for all sorts of pre-made game sheets or 2020-themed fun. 

  • Grab A Cocktail & Make A Toast!

When all else fails, make a New Year’s Eve cocktail and toast to the future. Champagne is the typical New Year’s drink. This year? We recommend whiskey. 

Count on Catering St. Louis Events to Provide a Festive and Safe Space for Your Party

la verona interior space rendering

La Verona at the Marketplace

Our newest venue, La Verona at the Marketplace, offers plenty of indoor and outdoor space for your New Year’s Eve party. You’ll love the central location and the modern features that make this space special. In fact, the string lights that decorate La Verona’s patio will give your party just the kind of vibe you’re looking for on New Year’s Eve.

City Cottage on Chouteau

City Cottage on Chouteau

Another space with a lot of charm, both inside and out, is the City Cottage on Chouteau. This French-inspired event space gets all the details just right. It’s cozy and elegant, and it could be the perfect place to close out the year with the ones you love.

World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park

If you want to go grand, consider the World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park! This magnificent open-air shelter commands one of the best views of the park and can accommodate all of your guests safely! Ring in the new year with a sense of luxury in the heart of Forest Park.

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

Remember that the CDC recommends keeping any indoor celebrations to just your household. Consider planning an outdoor event to party safely and start the new year off right. Call now for more information or to take a tour!