Embracing St. Louis at Oliva on the Hill

Nestled within The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, we offer more than just a dining experience at Oliva on the Hill; it’s a blend of our close-knit community and local flavor. Charlotte Renner beautifully captured this in her article for Feast Magazine, “Oliva Café is the hidden patio on The Hill you never knew you were missing.”

Renner eloquently painted a picture of our patio, full of gatherings of friends and neighbors. It’s a space where our busy lives can fade into the background, and is instead replaced by the gentle hum of conversation and the clinking of glasses.

At Oliva on the Hill, our commitment to the St. Louis community runs deep. We take pride in sourcing ingredients from local farms: from farm-fresh salads to savory sandwiches bursting with flavor, every bite tells a story of St. Louis’s culinary history.

But beyond the menu, we hope Oliva on the Hill serves as a hub for connection and camaraderie. Whether it’s gathering for Wine Down Wednesdays or celebrating life’s milestones with weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions, we are proud that our space has become the backdrop for so many shared memories.

Oliva on The Hill
Image courtesy of Charlotte Renner / Feast Magazine

In essence, Oliva on the Hill isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a celebration of all that makes St. Louis special. Through our dedication to fostering community and serving local fare, we’ve become more than just a restaurant – we’re a piece of St. Louis life, where friends become family and every meal is a celebration.

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