Catering St. Louis Events’ Guide on Corporate Events & Why They Matter–Especially Now

Soon, our country will return to normal. A vaccine for COVID-19 will eventually be found, people will gather in groups again and business will begin to ramp up. When that time comes, what will you do to celebrate your coworkers and employees?  Your corporate meetings may be taking place online now, and team building may seem unimportant and far away, but this situation will pass. After weeks of isolation and stress, an agenda-free celebration with your staff may be just what your business needs. When that day comes, showing appreciation for what your employees have endured will be more important than ever. 

Why Does Team Building Matter? 

Think about a sports team winning a championship. When interviewed, do the players and coaches only attribute their win to one person? Usually it’s the entire team, working cohesively, that gets the credit. In business, it can be just the same. Yet, building this kind of camaraderie and teamwork doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen only in the office. Employers need time to bond and reflect outside of work, too.  When done well, corporate events make employees, partners and shareholders feel valued. That’s why it’s so important: because when employees feel valued, they feel motivated. They’re more productive. They have a little more trust in the organization and feel a little more willing to collaborate and work hard.  Think about what your team has accomplished! They’ve made adjustments and focused through an era-defining pandemic to keep your business going. They’ve experienced lockdowns, home schooling, uncertainty and anxiety as this virus has spread. It makes sense to reward them for their loyalty and dedication, doesn’t it? 

What Makes a Corporate Event Successful?

At Catering St. Louis Events, we’ve planned enough events to know what will bring a smile to your employees’ faces. It all comes down to two things: exclusivity and luxury. 
  • Make Your Team Feel Valued with an Exclusive Corporate Event

Throw a corporate event that anyone can join, and your team will likely feel underappreciated. Keep the guest list exclusive, on the other hand, and your team will feel like the event truly is special. Everyone wants to feel that their efforts are noticed. By planning an event that’s not only specially planned but also preferential, you’re letting your team know just how important they really are. 

  • For a Memorable Event, Don’t Skimp on Luxury

Another key idea for us is luxury. People who come to a celebratory corporate event should feel pampered. Think about the alternative: a slap-dash get-together at a local restaurant or shabby reception hall? It simply won’t do for the team that’s kept your business going through a crisis like this one. Instead, give your people the best food, the best ambience and the best service they’ve ever had. 

Catering St. Louis Events Offers a Range of Luxury Locations

Depending on the type, size and style of your event, we offer several different venues that may fit the bill. Many of them are landmarks here in St. Louis. 
Forest Park Visitor Center

Forest Park

If you’re interested in a spacious, historic venue in the middle of Forest Park, consider the Visitor Center, a landmark built in Spanish-style architecture. This building houses a modern banquet facility and state-of-the art meeting rooms. A large dining room features Palladian windows that overlook St. Louis’ renowned park. Who wouldn’t feel pampered in such a beautiful space?

Bayer Hall at Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden

For a stunning large event space in another beloved St. Louis institution, consider Bayer Hall at Missouri Botanical Garden. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping views of the gardens, and in the atrium, “Blue Chandelier” designed by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly will wow your guests. With a convenient location near both Highways 64/40 and 44, Bayer Hall serves as the perfect location for a successful business event.

Oliva on the Hill

The Hill

The Hill neighborhood is famous in St. Louis for its renowned Italian restaurants, bakeries and markets. Oliva on the Hill celebrates the history of this neighborhood with a Tuscan-inspired intimate venue that is equal parts Old-World charm and urban sophistication. This is another upscale option for an event that will wow staff, clients and stockholders alike.

Whittemore House

Washington University

We offer spaces for both small-scale executive gatherings and large-scale conferences. One of our popular corporate event venues is Whittemore House, a beautiful estate overlooking the Danforth Campus of Washington University. Since 1969, it has been used as a private faculty club and conference center. With classic style and beautiful grounds, this is an excellent location for corporate gatherings.

Reach Out to Catering St. Louis

If you’re looking ahead to an executive dinner, a product launch, a seminar or other type of corporate event, contact one of our planning professionals. We’ll wow your guests with a chef-curated menu and make them feel 100% appreciated. We know what it takes to make your next corporate event a success.